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ยป Valletta Top Attractions

Travel Europe: This most popular attraction list for Valletta is provided by the official tourist information office in Valletta.

Getting information and preparing your travels is more and more important as there is so much to see and do in Europe. Prepare yourself and don’t miss the best in Valletta.

Most popular tourist attractions in Valletta:

  • St. John`s co- Cathedral, Valletta
    a cathedral built by the Knights of St. John, including Oratory and museum especially famous for the Caravaggio painting of the beheading of John the Baptist and also the famous tombs where the Knights were buried.
  • The GrandMaster`s Palace and Armoury, Valletta
    The palace is famous for the Flemish tapestries hung on the walls of one of its rooms.
  • Mediterranean Conference Centre, Valletta
    built by the Knights and used as the hospital of the knights better known as the Sacra Infermeria.
  • The Malta Experience, Valletta
    can be found in the same building is mupli vision show in 13 languages about 7000 years of maltese history.
  • National Museum of Archaeology, Valletta
    Formerly the Auberge of Provence and houses scupltures pieces from prehistoric tmples and various statues representing the so called fertility goddess.
  • Upper Barracca Gardens, Valletta
    These are beautiful gardens from where one gets a very good view of the cities opposite the Grand Harbour.
  • St. James Cavalier, Valletta
    Part of the bastions now redesigned by the famous architect Richard England into a centre for Arts & Creativity.
  • Fort St. Elmo, Valletta
    Which unfortunately is closed at the moment for restoration hwever it is open every Sunday from mid September till end of December and again from January till mid june for re-enactments of military parades during the period of the Knights.
  • Manoel Theatre, Valletta
    Built by the knights and is considered as one of the oldest theatres in Europe. Many famous operas and performances are held there.
  • Churches, Valletta
    There are many churches one can visit like Our lady of Victory Church, St. Paul`s Shiptwreck, Our LAdy of Mount Carmel and St. Catherine of Italy.