Trondheim Top Attractions

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ยป Trondheim Top Attractions

Travel Europe: This most popular attraction list for Trondheim is provided by the official tourist information office in Trondheim.

Getting information and preparing your travels is more and more important as there is so much to see and do in Europe. Prepare yourself and don’t miss the best in Trondheim.

Most popular tourist attractions in Trondheim:

  • Nidarosdomen, Trondheim
  • Trondelag Folk Museum, Trondheim
  • Museum at Erkebispegarden, Trondheim
  • Ringve Museum, Trondheim
  • Rustkammeret, Trondheim
  • Nordenfjeldske Art Museum, Trondheim
  • Kristiansten Fort, Trondheim
  • Stiftsgarden, Trondheim
  • Trondheim Art Museum, Trondheim
  • Science Museum, Trondheim