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Travel Europe: This most popular attraction list for Stockholm is provided by the official tourist information office in Stockholm.

Getting information and preparing your travels is more and more important as there is so much to see and do in Europe. Prepare yourself and don’t miss the best in Stockholm.

Most popular tourist attractions in Stockholm:

  • Vasa Museum, Stockholm
    a museum about the warship which sank on its maiden voyage 1628 but was brought up and restored
  • Skansen, Stockholm
    an open-air museum which is both an animal park and contains cultural historic interesting buildings from all of Sweden
  • Grona Lund, Stockholm
    an amusement park at Djurgarden
  • Stadshuset, Stockholm
    the City hall in Stockholm where for example the celebrations in connection to the Nobel prize are held every year
  • Junibacken, Stockholm
    a museum about children’s authors and specifically Astrid Lindgren
  • Naturhistoriska riksmuseet, Stockholm
    a museum about natural history
  • Cosmonova, Stockholm
    a planetarium and Sweden’s only IMAX theatre, located in the Naturhistoriska museum
  • Kulturhuset, Stockholm
    a cultural centre with amongst other exhibitions, theatre and library
  • Tom Tits Experiment, Stockholm
    interactive experiments centre devoted to natural sciences, technology and ecology
  • Aquaria, Stockholm
    a water museum with three functioning ecosystems