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Travel Europe: This most popular attraction list for these cities are provided by the official tourist information offices in listed cities.

Getting information and preparing your travels is more and more important as there is so much to see and do in Europe. Prepare yourself and don’t miss the best in Europe.
Most popular tourist attractions in Europe:

Austria: Vienna
Croatia: Zagreb
Czech Republic: Prague
Denmark: Copenhagen
Estonia: Tallinn
Finland: Helsinki
France: Paris
Germany: Berlin
Germany: Bremen
Holland / Netherlands: Amsterdam
Italy: Firenze / Florence
Italy: Rome
Italy: Torino
Luxembourg: Luxembourg City
Malta: Valletta
Norway: Bergen
Norway: Oslo
Norway: Trondheim
Portugal: Lisbon
Republic of Slovenia: Ljubljana
Slovak Republic: Bratislava
Spain: Madrid
Sweden: Stockholm
United Kingdom (UK) / Britain: London
United Kingdom (UK) / Britain: Newcastle